Roofer in Amstelveen

You found your qualified roofer in Amstelveen. We are pleased to welcome you to our website and services. We will help you with all your roofing problems, for example:

  • roof leakage
  • roof repairing
  • roof maintenance
  • roof replacement

Below we provide you with all the information on the way we work. Do you need a roofer in Amstelveen urgently? We are always answering our calls. You can call on our number 020 - 213 60 08.

More about us

After years of experience we are now a roofer in Amstelveen with memorable reviews and both specialists in slanted roofs and flat roofs. All our roofers are specialist that deliver quality. We make sure of that by offering a learning environment and being up to date with respect to We can give you a price indication based on the square meter of your roof and the state of your roof, but usually we come and check the state of your roof, to give a more specific price indication.

Roof leakage

It is a good idea to contact out roofer in Amstelveen in case you have a roof leakage in your house. Our roofer will be able to come quickly to fix your roof and rule out further damage to your house as a result of the leakage. Depending on the cause of the leakage, your insurance might compensate for the costs you make. Contact them to make sure.

Roof repair

We mainly focus on roof repair, so if you have a broken roofing or your gutter is old and needs fixing, our roofer in Amstelveen is here to help you. Rest assured! Our goal is to giving you back your roof. We are not finished with our job unless you have a working roof. If you want to schedule an appointment for roof repair or if you have a question, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Roof isolation

Roof isolation has many advantages. It will spare you energy costs and will also add a lot of comfort inside your house. Be sure that our roofer in Amstelveen provides you with the best possible roof insulation. Any type of roof is suitable for insulation. Depending on your type of roof it can be better to either isolate the inside of the roof or the outside. We will advise you.

Contact our roofer in Amstelveen

The roofers of JHF Bouw are always ready and pleased to assist you with your roofing troubles. Step one is to work with the best materials. Our experience and knowledge do the rest. Call us on 020 - 213 60 08 or fill out our contactform.